"An uplifting tale celebrating the most old-fashioned of virtues: hard work, self-discipline, regard for others." —The Washington Post

“If you only read one book over the next few months, it should be Outcasts United.”
—Bill Littlefield, NPR

"Not merely about soccer, St. John's book teaches readers about the social and economic difficulties of adapting to a new culture and the challenges facing a town with a new and disparate population...This wonderful, poignant book is highly recommended..."
—Library Journal, starred review

A "richly detailed, uplifting account of a young Jordanian immigrant who created a soccer program in Georgia for young refugees from war-torn nations . . . educational and enriching."
 Kirkus Reviews

"St. John hits a trifecta . . . A fascinating and fast-moving account of big-picture politics, small-town sports, and some very memorable people."

"Expertly told."—The Independent(UK)

"St. John masterfully melds sport and sociology in this beautiful book." —Metro UK

"Inspiring...Deeply satisfying...a bighearted book."
—Shelf Awareness

"Remarkable...a marvelous story, all the more moving for being written straight by a talented reporter." —The Times of London

"Immensely enjoyable." —The Irish Times

"Outcasts United succeeds so emphatically because, just as the Fugees are so much more than a football team, this is much more than a sports book. St John...has produced a dense and unjudgmental portrait of America in the 21st century (and a vital primer to African and colonial history in the last one)."—The Observer(UK)

"As St. John tells it, the Fugees’ story is something of a radical social experiment: a test case in 21st-century immigration and identity politics. But it’s also a deeply moving example of what men and women of goodwill can do."
—Very Short List

"Splendidly reported...compelling from start to finish."
—Time Out New York

“A brilliant and empathetic depiction of our common quest for meaning and happiness. Warren St. John invites us into the lives of a community of refugees, their bewildered neighbors in a small town, and a Jordanian woman who not only coaches but also mentors, mothers, and inspires some remarkable boys, to create a heartwarming tale about the transformations that occur when our disparate lives connect.”
—Ishmael Beah, author of A Long Way Gone

“Truly unforgettable, Outcasts United offers a stirring lesson in the power of a single person to transform the lives of many. It’s an incisive window into the world ahead for all of us, where cultural diversity won’t be an ideal or a course requirement or a corporate initiative but a fact of life that has to be wrestled with and reconciled, if never quite resolved.”
—Reza Aslan, author of No God but God

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