Woo Pig Sooie: Outcasts Selected as 2015 Freshman Read at University of Arkansas

Outcasts has been selected as the One Book, One Community read for the University of Arkansas this fall, and will be read by incoming freshman as well as the wider Fayetteville community. 

“In several ways this is a perfect choice for One Book, One Community,” said selection committee co-chair Kevin Fitzpatrick. “It’s about a community coming together to deal with change and conflict. Every community in this country faces these kinds of issues."

“The book is well-written, the story is compelling and the message is very important,” added David Jolliffe, co-chair of the committee. “Outcasts United raises so many important issues that citizens, young and old, in the U.S. should consider:  the responsibility to relocate refugees from the world's danger zones, the attitudes that develop in response to the resulting diversity, and the strength newcomers show as they strive to assimilate into a new culture”

Outcasts has been selected at over a hundred colleges, universities and high schools as a common read for students. For a partial list of those schools as well as resources for teachers and common reading administrators, visit the Resources page of this site.